Monday, November 8, 2010



Peace and much love!
The divinity in me salutes the divinity in you, Word!

The spiritual gift for the month of NOVEMBER is RENUNCIATION!

Your spiritual gift of RENUNCIATION gives you the ability to release all negative thoughts, words, actions and anything or anyone that does not assist you in fulfilling your divine purpose! The root word of RENUNCIATION is renounce; which means to voluntarily release that which is not a benefit to you!

Using your gift of RENUNCIATION is an internal process that you go through when you are ready to experience more peace, harmony and joy in your daily living. Don’t become distracted and forget your divine mission no matter what lies the world tells you! When using your gift of RENUNCIATION, be aware of your thoughts, words and actions. All thoughts are active and in time will produce something in your physical existence!  
Use your gift of RENUNCIATION to let go of the people, places and things that you allowed to be obstacles in your life! If you are holding on to any kind of grudge, resentment or hurt; large or small, you are blocking your blessings from flowing to you. As you use your gift of RENUNCIATION, it’s very important for you to release all those situations with love; not bitterness. This is sometimes easier said than done; that’s why God gave you the gift of RENUNCIATION to assist you with the process!You must first forgive yourself before you can forgive others! Forgiving creates a vacuum that allows your consciousness to become clear, uncluttered and ready to be filled with more of God’s light, love and life!

With all the changes happening in the world; now is a great time for you to re-evaluate your life. Perhaps there are some unhealthy habits you need to eliminate or some negative folks you need to cut off! Whatever it is, use your gift of RENUNCIATION to “just say NO” to negativity, regardless of the circumstances.  Don’t be too hard on yourself or others; we all get stuck sometimes, remember, there are no external forces stronger than the eternal God within you; only your own unbelief, doubt and fear can block you from living the life you truly desire to live!  It is true, you let It be and there It is, Word!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Minister Server's 7 Suggestions for Hip Hop History Month

Peace and much Love Hiphoppas!
The divinity in me salutes the divinity in you, word!

As you know, November is Hip Hop History Month! This is the 37th Anniversary of the Universal Zulu Nation and the 36th Anniversary of Hip Hop culture! In 1973 a group of young of poor, Black, Brown and White youth decided they were sick and tired of the conditions they were living in and organized themselves together to form Hip Hop culture, a movement that took the world by storm! They used the elements of Breakin'; Emceein', DJin' and Graffiti, to achieve Peace, Unity, Love and having Fun! They utilized Hip Hop culture for self-identification; self-improvement; self-empowerment AND social change! In just 36 years, according the the United Nations, "Hip Hop IS the fastest GROWING culture in the WORLD"; Hiphoppas this month is OUR time to celebrate ourselves!

This is a great time for to US to look at our brief history and celebrate the many, many POSITIVE contributions WE have made in the WORLD! I'm sure many of you have already made plans of how you're going to celebrate Hip Hop History Month this year, however, for those of you that are still looking for ideas here are "Minister Server's 7 Suggestions for Hip Hop History Month"!

1. Learn about the origins of Hip Hop culture; the conditions that helped to create it and the people that influenced Hip Hop culture to be what it is today.
2. Attend the Universal Zulu Nation Anniversary celebration in New York City, November 12-14, 2010. Seeing Hip Hop pioneers, plus young and older Hiphoppas from all over the WORLD will be an experience you will NEVER forget.
3. Encourage media outlets to acknowledge and celebrate Hip Hop History Month through music, videos, movies, pictures, interviews, etc.
4. Share YOUR stories about the positive effect that Hip Hop has on your life and/or your community; use pictures; videos; event fliers, etc.
5. Bring together a group of youth and have a screening/ community discussion using classic Hip Hop movie(s) or Videos as a tool for open dialogue on various subjects.
6. Purchase products, CDs, DVDs, T-Shirts, etc. from Hip Hop pioneers; a lot of Hip Hop pioneers are still recording new material and performing; they need OUR support to keep their legacy alive.
7. Remember to celebrate Hip Hop History beyond entertainment; highlight the work of "unsung" Hip Hop leaders; parents; teachas, activists, organizers, promoters, etc.

These are just a few suggestions of how WE can celebrate Hip Hop History Month,  please feel free to add any other POSITIVE suggestions, ideas, etc., remember, "history is told by those that DOCUMENT and tell THEIR story"! Nuff RESPECT to ALL Hiphoppas WORLDWIDE, have a SAFE, POSITIVE and FUN, 2010 Hip Hop History Month, Word!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010